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Maybe Your Best Move

Maybe Your Best Move

boat donation specialistsboat donation specialistsFor some sellers, it's been a hard road. Now may be the time to seriously consider boat donation. World Yachts is one of the few brokerages in the country specializing in these transactions. We handle donations of all types and sizes. You may fall into an especially relevant category: owners of high-end custom yachts and luxury production yachts.

The generalized weakness of the current market has unfortunately spread to the upper segments. All but the deepest pockets have shallowed up considerably. In tough times, donation can be the best way to maximize recovery of your original investment.You should be aware that high-end custom and luxury production yachts are exceptional donation candidates because they tend to support much higher valuations, compared to common production boats.

mma2mma2Valuation is key. You want it come in high and yet be bullet-proof. We work with veteran, experienced yacht appraisers who have an unblemished record of not raising red flags with the IRS. That guarantees you a trouble-free back end, as well as a pleasant and professional front end. Also, you don't pay any broker's commission.

World Yachts favors what I consider to be the three most meritorious donation programs in the country: the U.S. Naval Academy, the Merchant Marine Academy and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

usnausnaBy donating, you gain something that doesn't have a dollar sign on it, but is immensely valuable: the inner satisfaction of helping out a great cause. For both parties, it can be a huge win/win.

Feel free to contact us for further discussion of the donation option. Just give me a call at (414) 305-2541 or shoot me a message. It would be my pleasure to walk you through the process. I also am well-versed in the current IRS rules governing charitable deductions and offsets. Time is of the essence if you need the deduction for this current tax year.

- Eric Jones

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